About the Foundation


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Education (UNESCO) predicted that on or before 2050, that a lot of African languages are going to be extinct. Apparently, the world is increasingly recording high cases of endangered languages. Ika Language particularly is falling out of the communication choice of many Ika people. Incidentally and unfortunately too Ika people leaving in Ika dominated environment and even in Ika villages prefers to speak pigin English as against the Ika Language. This is sadly a worrisome trend and Monye Ehiwuogwu Lucky Foundation would deploy all her arsenals to ensure that the Ika language and Culture is sufficiently promoted and propagated to avoid going into extinction. Our resolve to sustain the tempo gave birth to our forming a pan Ika group some years back called “Onukokome”
For now however, advocacy and engagement of the Ika people is what we are doing and in the fullness of time we intend to establish a local Radio Station where only Ika Language will be our Lingua Franca.


One of our key interests is to raise the living standards of widows. They are the most vulnerable and commonly abused in our society. Experience has shown that widows are always subjugated and relegated to the background due to the fact that they do not have people to speak for them or come to their rescue when in need. They are the down trodden of the society. They suffer to a large extent great injustice from their kind. Hunger and starvation is a common phenomenon amongst them and this has forced a lot of them into doing things that are incomprehensible. It is our duty and responsibility to provide for them by way of wealth creation by assisting them to start their own business no matter how small. Amongst the things we do for them is to financially aid them to start petty trade, farming, skill acquisition etc to make a living. Monye Lucky Ehiwuogwu Foundation is empowering families for the future.


Children who have lost their parents becomes subjects of neglect and the attendant consequences is vulnerability. Some of them become tools in the hands of insensitive individuals in our society. A great number of them have been force into child labour and consequently gone out of school. Young girls have been recruited for prostitution and other illicit businesses. Some have become cultists and criminals because they felt that the society has neglected them. Monye Ehiwuogwu Lucky Foundation has a scholarship programme that attends to the school needs of these vulnerable children. We pay school fees, buy books, uniforms and other associated materials that will help sustain them in school. We pay Junior and Senior Secondary Examination Fees. We have started our school feeding programme to carter for the food needs of these children. No reasonable learning can be achieved with an empty stomach.


Youths are the future of any given society. A society that can not harness the potentials of her youths is a society at the brink. Youths have the capacity to engender change and positive revolution and also have the capacity to become clog in the wheel of progress. “an idle youth is the devil’s workshop”. Some of the societal ills we see today are perpetrated by youths. Be it armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism, thuggery, drug addiction etc. These are the narratives that we intend to change as our youths are supposed to be our strength. Advocacy, moral persuasion, interaction and youth engagement are some of the tools we are deploying to curb these menace eating up the fabrics of our society. Monye Ehiwuogwu Lucky Foundation is taking it to the grass roots including secondary schools and tertiary Institutions. Our “catch them young” programme is top notch and yielding positive results. Our Skill acquisition programme is a veritable tool we are using to make youths resourceful.