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Youth Reorientation

A society that can not harness the potentials of her youths is a society at the brink of destruction. Youths have the capacity to engender change and positive revolution and also have the capacity to become cog in the wheel of progress. “an idle youth is the devil’s workshop”. Some of the societal ills we see today are perpetrated by youths. Armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism, thuggery, drug addiction, prostitution are often caused by unruly youths.

These are the narratives that we intend to change as our youths are supposed to be our strength. Advocacy, moral persuasion, interaction and youth engagement are some of the tools we are deploying to curb these menace eating up the fabrics of our society. Monye Ehiwuogwu Lucky Foundation is taking it to the grass roots including secondary schools and tertiary Institutions. Our “catch them young” programme is top notch and yielding positive results.


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